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Big Pig Bike Festival


This year's Big Pig Mountain Biking Festival will take place from July 20-21, 2019

Come one, come all!!! It really doesn't matter how old you are, what your style of riding, or how serious you are about mountain biking, the Big Pig is a friendly fun weekend of fat tire festivities.

Fun for the whole family starts with shuttles Friday night. Once again this year the cross-country events will go on Saturday, with kids events on Saturday night. The downhill and 4X go on Sunday. And our new event, the Boer Mountain Sounder encourages family fun on all our trails all weekend long!

The BIG PIG Mountain Biking Festival


*Adjustments to scheduled times may be necessary due to prolonged length of individual Big Pig Festival activities.

All Weekend - Boer Mountain Sounder! (See below for details)

Saturday @ Kager Lake

8:00 – 8:45am      Registration 40km X-C - HUFF and PUFF 

9:00am                 Start HUFF and PUFF

9:00 – 9:45am      Registration Dante's

10:00am               Start of Dante's race - 10km loops for 5 hours - teams or individuals

11:00-11:45am     Registration for Wilbur's Wheelay

12:00pm               Start of Wilbur's Wheelay - as many 5km laps in 3 hours - teams or individuals

3:00pm                 End of all races

3:30pm                 X-C awards presentation

4:00-4:20pm         Kids events regustration

4:30-6:00pm         Kids events

6:00pm                 Kids Events Awards

7:00pm-?              Live Music



8:30 - 9:30am       Registration for downhill

10:00am               Start of downhill

11:00-12:00pm     Registration for 4-Cross

1:00pm                 Start of 4-Cross

3:30pm                 Awards

****start times may vary!


What is the "Boer Mountain Sounder"?

This is our exciting new event for people who are just looking to ride all of our amazing trails without the element of competing for the best times. With this you'll get a Passport card that lists all of our trails. When you've ridden a trail you mark it off on your passport. For each trail ridden you'll get an additional draw for the prizes. Great for individuals or families wanting to get out and ride!

What is the "HUFF and PUFF 40km x-c"?

For the past few years we have added a cross-country "taste-tester" for mountain bikers with a "discriminating palette." This "ultimate 40 km loop" begins by climbing up Razorback, an 18 km all-mountain trail, circling around on the new Star Lake trail, before "rewarding" you with thrilling descents (and even more climbs) on Pigasus. Guaranteed to satisfy!

What is "Dante's Enduro"

The Enduro is the racer's complement to the more family friendly Wheelay and consists of squeezing as many laps of the 10 km loop as you can before your legs and lungs scream "No mas" or 3 o'clock, whichever comes first. Last year's winning total was a lot. The gauntlet is down.

What is the “WILBUR’S WHEELAY”?

This is a cross-country race, with an emphasis on fun! Teams of all ages are encouraged to participate. There is no limit to the number of team members that ride the 5 km race course. The winning team rides the most loops (in the shortest time) in the 3 hour time limit!

Awards & Prizes to follow

Current BLMBA members are eligible for a $10 discount on their registration.

Friday evening kids events are $20 for any combination or all three races.

Saturday and Sunday events are $45 for a single race, $65 for two or more races.

If you are only racing Wilbur's Wheelay and no other races, the fee is $20.

Boer Mountain Sounder $20.

Age Classifications

1.Cutlet- 12 and under

2.Junior Tender- 13-15

3.Senior Tender- 16-18



6.Freezer Burnt-50-59

7.Knockin' on Heaven's Door-60+


DETAILS SUBJECT TO CHANGE, Check back for updates